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Architecture / Professional Freelance Work 2004
  "Las Águilas Auditorium".  
YEAR 2004
LOCATION Las Águilas, Murcia
PROJECT TYPE Competition, 4ªHonorable Mention
CREDITS Manuel Sanchez-Vera
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Internship, Drafting and Models.

The building is located in “Playa del Levante” on the beach front. This sea-front is semicircle shaped and is surrounded by two natural landmarks, the mountains “Monte Bol” and “Monte del Castillo de San Juan de las Águilas”.
The building shape reminds one of a big rock that blends in between the natural profile of the sea-front and the artificial one of the existing buildings. We located the requested program in a vertical structured building which would become an important landmark of the seafront. Thus, the two small auditoriums (250pax) and the catering area are located above the big hall of 1100pax.
This decision allows us to use the ground floor space to build a new square for the city. This open area will have a small open air auditorium, a terrace from which to enjoy the sea-views and also will becomes the main entrance to the building. This entrance will have a garden and will be protected from the sun by the preexisting trees of the plot.

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