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Architecture / Professional Freelance Work 2009
  La Marina  
YEAR 2009
LOCATION S. Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid
PROJECT TYPE National Tender

Enrique Bardají y Asociados. S.L.
León 11
Corona y Perez Amaral


Assistance in the Design. Development of Tender Drawings


In this Master Plan we state and apply the principles of “2.0 city”. These principles defend essential points to be considered in modern developments of cities. It also resumes the best features of traditional developments and the characteristics of the nowadays-urban plans.

2.0 Principia for a city

UNSATURATED CITY. The development design is not static, its layout and use will change over time. We impulse its evolution by establishing possible guidelines for its growth and those are supported by the designed structure. We want to promote its development, our goal is neither the statement of a 0 stage or its last chapter.

3D CITY: The 2.0 city must have 3D tools for its definition. The compatibility of uses will address the third dimension.

PERMEABLE CITY: Accessibility from different heights, no sectors, no fences or barriers, no “crust” pavements...

COMPACT CITY: human scale, mixed uses, a layout that promotes neighborhoods, everything accessible within a short-walk distance...

CITY AS EVOLUTION: Its design is not based only on rational criteria; we purpose a city that considers its own history, its topography and its inhabitants.

TESTABLE CITY: Citizens will play a bigger part in the design of the city. This will be allowed through the transparency and publicity of planning processes

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