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Architecture / Professional Freelance Work 2010
  The Extension of The Court of Ponferrada  
YEAR 2009-10
LOCATION Ponferrada. León. Spain.
PROJECT TYPE Winner of National Tender
CREDITS Enrique Bardají y Asociados S.L
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Tender Drawings, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents and Detailed Study

The design of the building has to ensure that it is representative of its function. This contrasts with the domestic look of its surroundings by the Sil riverbank. The simplicity, clarity and efficient layout of the design together with the incorporation energy-saving measures support its representative nature.

The adaptability of the building relies on its regular, simple and rational structural grid. This disposure allows the allocation of vertical communication elements, facility and storage areas in the northern band side of the building. The working areas are bright open spaces whose layout can be easily changed according to the demands over time.

The project is committed energy saving strategies, which are ingrained in its design, as it is showed by the greenhouse in the ground floor, solar panels in its roof terrace and the double facade that reduces the ventilation and air conditioned loans.

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