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Architecture / Professional Freelance Work 2010
  Casa Mediterráneo  
YEAR 2010
LOCATION Benalúa, Alicante
PROJECT TYPE Design Development
CREDITS Manuel Ocaña del Valle
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Technical Advisor, Design Development Report and Waste Management Planning.
    Images done by Manuel Ocaña Studio.  

Casa Mediterráneo is an institution born to impulse public diplomacy. Its aim is to foster the common identity of Mediterranean Cultures.

Its new headquarters will be in the old Benalúa railway station. The new institution will need to room to host events, exhibitions, concerts, projections and other celebrations. Thus, it will need a big and adaptable space.

The wonderful space above the railway tracks is the most important and beautiful element of the old building. It is a 20 m span nave covered by slender ironwork impossible to be built at present.

The project aim is to sophisticate this simple and linear space conceived for trains and turning it into space to be experienced by people. This space intentions are: to be blue, liquid, central, excited, changing, consecutive, zenithal, cabriolet, tinted, rhythmic, indivisible, programmable, thermodynamic and economically efficient.

This Blue space, where the most experimental activities and uses will take place, is located in and between two volumes light, translucent and “diamond” shaped volumes. These volumes enclose and help to place the attention on the main space, which has multiple properties and allows o host different events simultaneously.

New sections of the building will be white, as well as its walls and pavements. The white color is used in a phenomenological and sensual way. White is a color, which can easily be excited and tinted.

In the blue space the air is not acclimatized. People are “acclimatized”. We work con the thermal sensation of the visitors controlling the wind and humidity of the air through of big fans on the ceiling, the chimney effect, the “cabriolet” roof and the activation of an artificial fog cool system.

Text based on Manuel Ocaña website
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