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Architecture / Academic Projects. P8.
  Shopping Centre in The Nature.  
TEACHER Peter Zumthor
LOCATION Chiasso, Ticino, Suiza

The project aim is to bring together a commercial program with enjoying the nature that surrounds it. It is located in a plot occupied by an old cement plant between the entrance of a National Park and Chiasso highway.
In order to reach that goal, the building elements such as the elevated terraces, the inside walks and pedestrian trafficable roofs become the starting points of the paths of the National Park. Thus, the building form depends on the continuity of those paths and the views of the forest from the inside the project promotes walking and enjoying the nature views when someone is shopping, having some for refreshment or hiking.
The materials of the project reflect its origin and intentions. The parking floor is on the preexisting concrete platform of the cement plant and works as the soil of the tree inspired wooden structure that supports the wooden platforms of the paths and terraces of the project. The inner space is free of surrounding walls, except for the glass ones of the shops, which are the only acclimatized spaces of the project.

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