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Architecture / Academic Projects. P9.
  Ángeles de San Rafael Housing Project.  
TEACHER Andrés Cánovas
Carmen Espege
Samuel Torres
LOCATION Los Angeles de San Rafael, Segovia.
SURFACE AREA 68.5m2/Unit

This project is the result of the implementation of a new approach on housing focused on privacy levels and gaps. As a result a new layout of the land is purposed in which the empty plots of the area will be occupied by an open housing system that:
- Increases the density in the area.
- Creates a community.
- Creates public spaces that easies the neighbors bonds.
- The density allows to purpose parks, walks and sports courts.
- Creates a privacy gradient between public and private spaces.

The project fits the topography by settling on flatter gradient lines. The smaller neighbor units are formed by a row of 5 to 10 housing units. Its allocation allows to create open air areas and the whole complex is connected by walks. Its elements creates several terraces at different heights east and northeast oriented with wonderful views down the valley as well as the housing units.

The system is based on 3 simple components whose combination allows to reach the objectives of the proposal and these are:

1_ C-shaped concrete structure that:
- Provides support and foundation for the housing units
- Forms the road network of the complex, both indoors and outdoors.
- Defines the area of "shadow" or private areas in homes.
- Hosts relation spaces for the neighbors in its gaps.

2_ The metal rib structure; is the main structure of the units. It can be inhabited and contains facilities, storage areas and wetrooms.

3_ The “cell” is a prefabricated volume and acclimatized. There are four types and with its combination different types of housing are generated thus it can be adaptable to asset the needs of different family types. These have the same modulation as the structural ribs enabling binding between modules. The storage areas in the structure and the possibility to enlarge the units provide flexibility to the houses and to allow the creation of interaction and communication spaces.

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