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Architecture / Academic Projects. Final Project.
  Azca Complex Equipment  
YEAR Final Year Project
TEACHER Federico Soriano
SURFACE AREA 200.000m2

This project is located in one of the most important financial centers of the city, the second largest block in Madrid. The site has offices, commercial areas, housing and several interconnected parks and squares but it is underused because of its layout, its poor internal connections and a certain lack of safety in the area. This area is 20 Ha Big, 10 of them are open air areas poorly connected. There are also many underground passages in the area.

Therefore, the project aims to remodeling the area in order to increase its use by citizens and solve its safety problems. This goal will be reached by implementing the program that comes from a sustainable urbanism analysis of the area that also aims to:

- Match the need of equipments in the area
- Activation the area 24h/day 365 days/ year
- Increase its importance as a city hub (Its in one of the most important corridors of the city and it is very well connected by road, subway and train)

As a result of the analysis we propose a program of 200.000m2 divided into a “horizontal” and “vertical” developments.

Horizontally we create continuous park-plaza (136.600m ²) which has commercial and cultural areas as well as sports facilities. In the proposal we keep the 7.5 km underground road but we eliminate the underground walkways. This Park-Plaza is highly adaptable to multiple events both with a local or metropolitan importance.

At the southern area, we propose a hybrid building with multiple uses and equipments. This will be the entrance to the park and is the most visible part of the complex. It is 80.000m ² with several public squares (each at different height) and other specific uses such as: a Sports Area, a Library, a Leisure Centre, Offices, a Community Center, an Educational Zone, a Commercial area ... All these uses and facilities are also highly adaptable to host a wide range of events both metropolitan or local.

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